11 May 2009

woven branches..

my woven star
this morning, one of my neighbors gave me a handful of rosemary. i want to use them for cooking but i also was trying to think of what crafting ideas i could use it in. i've been wanting to make more god's eyes (now called woven branches to me!) but not always using just two sticks. i tried using three for the first time with the red yarn i have (i do need to buy some other colors!).  this is how my woven branches came out...

woven star, close up
after a nice little bath, it was time for nat to create her woven branches. here, she begins wrapping the yarn around the twigs.

beginning to wrap the yarn
once she was done, i gave her a box with a few leaves, feathers and of course, rosemary sprigs. 

box of elements
her she is, putting the finishing touches..

putting the finishing touches
her woven branches (i just love it!!)

her woven branches

219 1800
and now they hang together one on of her walls...

they hang together


Lisa said...

She did such a beautiful job, I just love it. I must do this with the girls..... I am sooo addicted to your blog lady (and your Twitter)!

Maia said...

Hey, I like your new banner!
And these photos are so sweet.

Unknown said...

ah lisa, you are too sweet! i can't wait to see how you and the girls make these too!

moonshinejunkyard said...

the two of you do such wonderful projects together and i love your nature walks. these turned out lovely! you're an inspiring mamma.

Christie said...

I am here visiting via the crafty crow. I love all your nature inspired art. We do a lot of that here too. We went through a huge God's Eye phase and now I've got to try it again. WE have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow. We may look for a few things to work with a give it a go while hitting the highway. Your blog is lovely. ;)