18 July 2009

paper apples and such

The other Nat and I decided to do a few crafts centering on apples. The first of course, was apple printing!

I cut an apple in half and she had fun painting it red or yellow and then stamping it on paper over and over.

The night was still early and we had a few brown paper bags my dad had with the take out food. I told her this would be a great recycling craft idea. We filled the paper bag with pages of a catalog from a recycle bin, twisted the top and she set off to paint it red and brown. After we glued to leaves also from the catalog and presto! Paper bag apple :)

The next day we still had apples in mind so we made a little tin bank for my friend's daughter who we call apple cheeks. It resembles a strawberry a bit more especially after I added apple seeds around Nat's drawing of our little friend :)

We also made a paper pumpkin too!