16 December 2008

books, calendars and lampposts...

after picking her up from school, we headed straight for one of our favorite places, borders, to purchase a book for her book exchange on thursday.
of course, picking up just one book is a difficult thing to do and since we found another great pop up book (on clearance at that!), we got it.
the theme of narnia seems not to be escaping me, since the book we got her is the chronicles of narnia pop-ups by robert sabuda.
while there, of course it's natural to spy a ton of books and things to want.
i've been eyeing the bird songs book ever since i first saw it at an anthropologie once.
today i saw that in comes in calendar form as well and i have yet to pick up a calendar for the new year. maybe i will get it soon.

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Petite Ace of Spades said...

Robert Sabuda is a genius and I've never seen this one book, but since I love this story ... and from the pics you've taken ...
I know I'm gonna NEED it !

* Happy Holidays from Paris *
x x x