23 December 2008

christmas is coming!

i am waiting for my husband to come join us
here in las vegas where we are spending the christmas season.
it's been pleasantly chilly here and a nice respite.
natalie is loving being here just because it's different.
we've been watching cartoons, christmas movies, playing cards
and not too long ago we played connect four, chess and air hockey.

i've been productive in other things too. i finished the book of ghost stories
collected by roald dahl and have completed four drawings.
i am excited for when i return home to add color to them and hopefully
order some new prints for my etsy shop. other than that,  it's been a nice repose.  

i have taken a few pictures here and of course, more will be taken in the next few days. 
since i am not home i will have to wait to show them all. 
until all my friends, i hope you have a wonderful holiday season this year...

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