15 December 2008

so i drew a little faun...

so i drew a little faun in honor of my new place here. of course, her big mug is filled with cider and she beckons your company...

this morning it was pouring but i took her to school anyway.
poor ginny, not being a modern car (but oh how i love my volkswagen!)
was having a bit of a hard time keeping my windows clear.
i had to keep rubbing off the windshield with my glove.

i came home, had a cup of spiced apple cider tea and began a few things.
now, the rain has died down, she is here in her warm pj's, waiting for popcorn
and ready to watch the aristocats.


puglyfeet said...

Sounds like a lovely and cozy day despite the rain.

Oh, and you're full of talent! I love the sha-fawn!

pomegranates said...

thanks so much katrina, and i love that, sha-fawn!! :D

mvegan said...

love it!