02 February 2009

my future adult...

last friday was her last day at her preschool.
smiles and hugs were shared and tears held back.
i am so blessed she was able to attend there and have such
great teachers and made her first school friends.

and so today was her first day at junior kindergarten at her new school.
it was a pleasant walk right across the street.
her nana came as well so she could see her new teacher and to wish her off.

she makes me so proud. while the children were getting in line
to walk to their new classroom she looked for me among the other parents
and said, 'don't worry, i'll make friends'...

happily, i walked back home, enjoying the air and the sunlight.
i came home and the wonderful mathyld sent me the sweetest message with this
delightful photo...
thank you so much my dear, the tears are there but they are happy indeed!
i am so proud and blessed with this little five year old girl....


MEG said...

Natalie is wonderful. She looks so confident and doubt thanks to her great mom and dad! :)

Mathyld / encore petite said...

She looks so sweet with her adorable "future adult" t-shirt !

And I'm so happy you enjoyed the picture :)
And so glad that Natalie had a nice start at school !

Lotsa hugs,
x x x

Violet Folklore said...

she is soooooooo super duper tooth-achingly sweet... i'm glad to discover your neat blog and your fabulous artwork!!!
(: Sasha at Violet Folklore

ada and the fox said...

thanks all of you for your sweet comments!!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so cute! This is my first time reading your blog, I love your art :)