08 March 2009

her scrapbook..

before here and my livejournal, i was at i am planning on deleting the account since it's no longer in use but there are a few entries i want to save, like this one. so here it goes:

i started a simple scrapbook for natalie to do. now that she is older, i think it's a wonderful visual diary of what her childhood is and will be. i let her decide what she wants to put in there, with a little additional help from myself. in years to come, i hope this will be a wonderful book filled with valuable memories:

the cover, just a simple red composition book

nat modeling with one of our favorite pages (this was done last fall, during a walk, we collected a few things and combined them here with her colorings of wallace and grommit).

a collection of costumes natalie likes.

showcasing two pages, both from different sunday school activities

the record of when she got her ears (re)pierced.

a drawing and explanation of a princess she drew.

petals from my tulips

drawings from our bug hunt on friday


littlebyrd said...

This is such a grand idea! I love her scrap book and I can definitely say this will mean so much to her later in life.

pomegranates said...

that is what i am hoping on! we just did a new entry today, a few flowers and weeds found outside this morning, now glued and being pressed inside :)

caitlin said...

how beautiful! <3