13 April 2009

egg carton owls and a paper wish house

little egg carton owl between the tin herb planters

today we decided to make a few things out of egg cartons. i had an idea to make little owls and so we did. i first made a snowy owl, just to make sure the craft could work. my second owl is a brown one, not as elaborate as the first but still cute. nat decided to make a red, purple and green owl. here, the whole egg carton owl family...

egg carton owls

i also 'finished' up her dream box house i've been making (or rather, getting ready for her) for the longest. once, at knott's berry farm, we saw these small wood carven b
oxes called wish boxes. the story was that you would put your wishes in these tiny boxes. of course she wanted one but i thought i would make a little something for her. she helped me paint a shoebox red on the outside (and a little on the inside) and i did the rest. i made a little house with a mail box (though i have to find a better way to secure it. it's leaning a bit). the mail box has little papers i cut for her to write her wishes on. after she writes her wishes, she removes the roof on the house and puts the wish inside. instant wish box house!

her wish box house

i don't believe in reading tea leaves as an answer for what's in my future but sometimes i do like looking to see what shapes come about from the remains. today i think i see a large oak tree in a field with the leaves blowing away from it in the wind. what do you see?


Mathyld / encore petite said...

Cuteness alert !!!
How cute are these little owls ?
I love them to pieces !
What a fantastic idea, Andrea :)

x x x

pomegranates said...

aw, thanks so much mathyld!

Lisa said...

love the owls! we are going to try and do these this week! I'll be sure to let you know if we are successful.