30 May 2009

our seedlings are coming along...

219 201200
her teacup garden

219 201201
chamomile, calendula and sage

219 201202
borage, lupine and allysum

silver mist
silver mist (helichysum)

silver mist
silver mist (close up)

her tomato plant
her hawaiian tomato plant


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

As our ours! I love growing seedlings early in the season. I am SO not an expert gardener, but my husband (the former chef) is really quite good at gardening, and he inspires and helps me with my disability.

Since I grew up partly on a cattle ranch in southern Colorado, I know lupine as "loco weed" (because it makes livestock crazy, and sometimes dead, if they eat it) but I still love the way it looks. It's a beautiful plant.

Dawn said...

Yay for sweet seedlings!

We attend a group on Weds called Lupines, I love those flowers :)

louise said...

They are bursting to grow up. How lovely.