18 May 2009

persephone, collette and other things...

a made her a ghost

now that it seems i back in a needle and thread creating mood, i've made a couple of more things. i've been wanting to make little ghosties and sell them in the shop but i just never got a round to it. on friday i finally made a little one for natalie. she named her collette. she is a little bumpy because i still haven't bought filling and am still using the packaging peanuts (and recycling them!).

her little ghost jar
we have put little collette in a glass jar that is filled with found things from nature that's in her room.

saturday we went to visit my sister in law in the hospital to see how she and the baby are doing. we can't see little ezra yet but so far it seems like he is doing okay. they still have to monitor him and he will probably be there for a while. she seems to be doing much better and is getting her strength and wit back. they will be in our prayers continuously.

sunday i missed service in the morning because i wasn't feeling well. it seemed to have lasted most of the morning and afternoon but at about two i seemed to be feeling a little bit better. rick and nat went to visit some friends from out of town and while they were gone, i got to creating again. i made another twig + yarn doll, this time, a little brown bat named persephone.

persephone the bat

you can't see the details that much in the photo, but she does have the little round stitched cheeks and little lashes as well. she wears a gray 'dress' with a little red braided scarf. she is smaller than harriet the owl and natalie thinks she should be harriet's daughter. i told her we should come up with a story.

persephone close up


Lisa said...

Oh my gosy, I LOVE them both! Especially persephone (I love bats). You are so talented Andrea!

I hope you are feeling better.
-Lisa :)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I love the little ghostie. So sweet!

Jennifer said...

the bat is quite cute :)

Anonymous said...

Love the little Ghostie !!!
And I'm glad for your sister in law / nephew ...
x x x