27 May 2009

tanaka and armstrong

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today the girl and i played hooky from our regular day things (including school) and went to tanaka farms with some friends. it was our first time there and we both really enjoyed ourselves. today was a free tour so they walked us to the strawberry fields and let us have our pick! we got the reddest strawberries straight off the vine and they were unbelievably delicious! between the strawberries where sweet maui onions that help keep pests away with their aroma..

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on the way back from the strawberry fields to the tents we passed hundreds of sunflowers of several varieties. we also got to see some bees at work!

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once inside the tents, the kids got ready to draw strawberries and use red and green paints scented with strawberry shampoo. once all the painting was done, everyone had their lunches and then it was off to the produce market!

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once we were all done, we went to look at a few sunflowers again and headed off to armstrong garden center by our house.

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bringing a tomato plant and a silvermist home!

we bought a few seeds, a hawaiian tomato plant and a silver mist (because one of her favorite never fairies, tinkerbell's friends, is named silvermist)!


Robin Norgren said...

The place looks delightful-and what an awesome way to spend the day with your little sweet one

thewindhover said...

Strawberries. Sunflowers. Painting. Fresh vegetables. Herbs. Smiles. Many of life's best things x

Lisa said...

What a beautiful and perfect day! My kind of day!

andrea the pomegranates said...

lisa--i thought you would like this...

robin and the windhover--it was such a fun, blessed day. i do hope to do it again very soon!