15 May 2009

a thursday evening

219 1867

last night i finished a letter i began to write for my aunt who lives in hemet. she is my mother's youngest sibling and has been very ill for the past few years. she is doing better now, but she has been hospitalized for cancer and other things. i remember her growing up but she always lived far from us and now that i am older, i think it would be wonderful to correspond with her.

219 1868

after my letter, i finished a drawing i had started a few days ago and made it into a little type of envelope. i put the seeds and the rock i mentioned in a previous post in it to give to my friend yvette.

219 1870

since i was a bit in the mood for creating (i had already did two twig and yarn creations before that) i made another little envelope with a ghost tree i drew, tied with yarn. i attached one lone ghost in the back of the envelope as the closure for the lid. maybe i will put business cards i collect from other crafters in it!

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more twig + yarn craftiness


encorepetite said...

Your drawings are the best.
x x x

andrea the pomegranates said...

and you are the sweetest! i am so glad you like them :)

Cassandra said...

oh, what a sweet treat to receive in the mail! there's nothing like special letters...

and, as usual, your creations are gorgeous.

Katie Joy said...

I love your owls. Beautiful.