16 July 2009

little weeds or my little seeds?

It's been awhile since I have updated about our little plants and such so I thought I would! Here are the very first seeds we planted, our little lavender. Though it will be awhile until we will see those pretty purples, it already has a faint smell of lavender!

My borage definitely has courage! After our trip to Monterey I got sick and was put out for a few days. Those days were vital and some of our plants suffered for it including the borage. Thankfully it's coming back but I can't say the same for some of nat's little buds in her teacup garden and for our cerinthe and sage. I planted new cerinthe seeds and am still trying to get the sage back up, so we will see.

These are the two that are doing quite well in her teacup garden (too bad I have forgotten what've I planted where!) I can always go back and look to see though..

Calendula, almost looking it was a bit lost too but is doing much better.

Remember our little silver mist plant we bought? well, it's grown and looks happy too!

And I can't forget Natalie's Hawaiian Tomatoe Plant with nice green little orbs (she is delighted!)

Now to the part of my entry where I am not too sure what what is (does that make sense?) We have begun to plant seeds directly in the soil now and since we have been watering more because of the seeds, weeds are sprouting too. SO this is where I need help if any one is knowledgable in plants, herbs, flowers and/or weeds.

One of the first little tin container seeds we planted was lupine (russell brand). After doing really in the container, the three that had sprouted started wilting. I replanted them straight into the soil (and then found out that they don't really like being transplanted) and only one sprout has survived. Now if you look closely to the right of the photo (a bit out of focus too) there are two sprouts. I am not sure what they are especially since most sprouts I have seen (which isn't too many I must confess) all seem to come out with the two little leaves opposite each other.

The next little sproutling is where I threw a few moonflower seeds that had been soaked already and was not doing well (or taking waaaay too long) in Nat's egg carton container. I am not sure if this little stalk is from that or from a weed.

In this next photo, we planted a few black hollyhock seeds (the watcherman) but I did not mark the ground as to exactly where. There seems to be three different kinds of things growing there, I just hope one of them is the hollyhock.

The next two photos are where we planted apricot sunflowers and mark the ground after we made the seed markers. I am not sure if it's the sunflowers growing or something else.

This next one are clovers growing and something else, can anyone tell me what? This is also by where I threw a few moonflower seeds.

The last photo is a little tree/bush we have and yet another unidentified sprout growth.

If anyone knows what any of these are or might have an idea, please feel free to let me know! :)


Robin said...

The "clovers" are actually Oxalis. Growing with them are something in the carrot family.

Marqueta said...

Hi there!

The little guy on the bottom is probably a watermelon or squash, and the ones where you planted sunflowers are sunflowers. There MIGHT be a hollyhock on the left in the picture in question, but the other ones look a lot like lambs quarters to me!

I don't know what the others are, but you'll be able to tell in no time, I bet!



Violet Folklore said...

Oh gosh, it's shore hard to tell! Even I can't tell at this stage, and I spend a fair amount of time staring at dirt... ha ha... I am impressed by your seed-planting tenacity, though, you really seem to have a knack for it. i only start super easy things from seed! lavender, my gosh, that's incredible!!! much love to you..... xoxoxo Sasha

Anonymous said...

the one on the bottom is probably a pumpkin! something from the gourd family!