31 August 2009

blooms and drawings...

our sunflowers are blooming and our first poppy too!

our sunflower

there was a little visitor inside...
a little visitor

hello poppy!
a poppy bloomed today

our first poppy

the moon and the sea...i am created something between the two soon..
the moon and the sea

a sweet magpie holding an apple with a tiny mandrake friend. i drew it specifically for magpies and apples (for the header).
ms. magpie with mandrake friend


mrsb said...

Oh, just wonderful!!!

I love the little mandrake!

Marqueta said...

Dear Andrea,

Congratulations on your green babies flowering! The drawing is adorable, as usual.



Heather said...

oh! they came up so pretty! Im so happy the sunflowers are loving their california home :)

camille said...

Hi. I could really get to liking your blog:) Your pictures have a lovely nostalgic charm and you have good taste in music.

andrea the pomegranates said...

thank you to everyone!! your comments mean a lot to me :)