24 September 2009

a doll and mandrake

sleeping mandrake

yes, it's safe to say that i do heart mandrakes. a lot. so for my very first herbal pillow/doll i decided to make it a mandrake. i had so much fun fashioning this little guy and stitching the 'drawing' into the felt. the thread is a bit to small and light to actually see all the detail (and the photo is from my camera too) but when i make another (or more perhaps?) i will use thicker thread so the details can really stand out. also, this mandrake is filled with wonderful herbs like lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, rosemary with a few drops of essential oils. mmmmm...

my autumn doll

i've wanted to make dolls for a long time and have made little creatures before in the past. today i finished my very first handmade doll and i am so happy! i wanted her to have a autumn feel and i choose colors that are very close to my heart at the moment. her scarf is braided yarn and i love how it contrasts with her dress and brings a bit more texture to her. i have still not named her, it has to be perfect! hopefully at some point today she will be named :)


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness...I do love that felty mandrake!!!! They make me smile every time I visit your site. I love the sketches, they are so personable. :)

Sherry said...

Adorable! :)

Lisa said...

So cute. Love the mandrake and the little autumn doll.