18 September 2009

sunflower eyed owl coffe can

sunflower eyed owl from a coffee can

Fall is my favorite and even though it's not officially fall yet, my thoughts have already turned to there.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend sent me a scan on how to make owl pumpkins which i can not wait to do. Since i obviously couldn't wait, I decided to transform a coffee can I had saved into a little white owl container! I lightly tea stained some stock paper, glued it on (except I missed a bit on the top, you can still see a little silver of the coffee can) and also glued on felt wings. I glued felt eyes and beak and used the sunflower seeds for the rest.

I liked the way it came out but I think next time I might just go ahead and use felt for the whole thing instead of paper. Sorry the picture is not prime but I am still camera-less and used my phone to take the picture! I've been absent for awhile too because our computer broke down on us so I've been using my mom's lap top. Hopefully all will be restored and I will start using my mom's camera again too!


Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

Oh I LOVE the owl coffe can! We need to do this! So sweet!!

Anonymous said...

I saw this article and thought of you! Your so creative... I love the can!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Fall is my favorite, too!! I love your owl can! Have you seen the book Owl Puke? It rocks! We're dissecting owl pellets in October for Care of Magical Creatures, and it has a recipe for edible chocolate owl pellets! LOL.

andrea the pomegranates said...

owl puke?! i wan to see that book now! i like that you will be dissecting pellets for care of magical creatures, how awesome is that?!