14 October 2009

spooky things about

It's a nice gray and raining wednesday here and with Nat and her nasty cough, we decided to let her stay home today. So while she reads 'Skeleton hiccups' and other seasonal books, I'm stealing away for a post.

We have begun to decorate the place a bit. We've taken out projects from last year and made black silhouettes to scare on the windows. Nat helped placing them with an abundance of tape to the windows!

spooky things about
my bedroom window.

a crow and mysterious figure
a crow sits and a mysterious figure looms in the glass.

little mouse

spooks about

spooks in the window

scary things in the window
I managed to capture this extra spooky photo ;)

mice in the window

mice in the window
mice have taken over the another window as well.

jack o' lantern jars and a chalkboard pumpkin awaiting some chalk artistry.

a new witch joins the festivities.


the dolls pick their seasonal reading
dolls from etsy (amelia and wednesday) do a little seasonal reading.

Brobee our rabbit has been keeping me company lately as well. He helped me out as I began creating a special doll yesterday. It is not finished yet but you can get a sketch preview.

hello brobee

sketchbook drawings
there is mathyldette awaiting to be finished (note natalie's little drawings on the left).

Now to enjoy some rainy day comforts and joy with the gal, who already began to play a little dress up appropriate for the season...



Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

How fun!!!

Marqueta said...

Dear Andrea,

Your sketches are too adorable! We love the mice in the windows, too.

Happy haunting!



Kelly said...

So much Halloween fun! Sweet decorations. Your artwork is wonderful.

prayingforfall said...

Those pics are fantastic!
I adore the cut-outs.

karen said...

wow love your decorations it really feels spooky!

Heather said...

oh, what halloween fun! i love this time of year. Sorry nat's not feeling good, hope she feels better!
and Looooove Brobee! Our first 'babies' were a pair of bunnies ;) Oh, how i miss Belle and Sebastian!

sarahblank said...

Such sweet little cuttings! Your family seems to have such a happy, creative home life. I love how you allow your daughter to sketch in your journal, alongside your beautiful drawings. Such a sweet and precious memory keeper.

Anonymous said...

I love your decorations, Ada !
And I can't wait for Mathyldette to come and join me !
I will try to post Serena, your witchy-Owlette, tomorrow !

Autumny hugs & crispy fallen leaves to you,
x x x