20 November 2009

happy friday

a little work

Friday. Lovely, wonderful friday. Feeling happy and blessed, especially because one of my commissioned works is finished. An old friend of mine wanted a little something that represented her and her business, Sparrow Memories. She is wonderfully creative and takes amazing photos so I am so happy to have done this work for her and very happy that she is as pleased as I am.


I also have two other exciting things I am working on for others and a couple of other ideas to hopefully put up in the shop soon. November is zoomin by (I can't believe it's already mid to late in the month). I wanted to make a holiday postcard for this year like I did last year so I suppose I better get started ASAP!

Happy Friday Everyone!!


Heather said...

what a sweet logo! love the little birdie :) I cant believe its almost thanksgiving...I still cant believe summer is over, lol...

Robin Norgren said...

Just gorgeous and I love that I can tell that it is your work!

Marqueta said...

How beautiful! You did such an amazing job with all the layers of feathers on the sparrow. Your friend should be extremely pleased.

Thanks for sharing this; it's so inspiring.



Sophia said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful! You are def one talented individual. I am sure she is blessed by what you've created!

Happy Friday to you, too! :)

Diane said...

Very nice work! I stumbled upon your blog recently and am enjoying it very much.

andrea the pomegranates said...

thank you all!!