04 December 2009

another littlebighead shop update

Finally friday and new originals in the shop including this year's holiday postcard set...

Original--As she grows (an Alice drawing)
One of my first Alice drawings. I actually did this a year (or maybe more) ago but never manually colored it in. I thought it was time to bring her to life and to show her about, so here she is.

Original--Keeper of the seas
Another drawing I did a while ago. I really enjoyed the concept of it but again, did not color it in until I had my india inks. I like the way she stands and holds the key of all the secrets of those who sail the seas..

Original--Tell us the story again
A smaller piece (on 8"x 10") but still sweet and magical. I did this one yesterday and it brought me delight as it continued to develop. The wild children of secret places like to tell fables to the ghosts who hunger for the stories.

Be Merry Holiday postcards set of 10

Be Merry Holiday postcards set of 10

They have finally arrived, the Be Merry holiday postcard set. I wanted to do a little bit of a different illustration than what I did for last year's. Something showcasing nature a little bit but with a sweet and nostalgic feel. Something like your favorite children's book illustrations.

Now, to get to work on other things and to prepare for tonight's Holiday program at Natalie's school. Happy friday...


jen said...

the postcards are super cute! i love the bunnys' faces and the colorway especially.

Sophia said...

Your illustrations continue to amaze me. And I just LOVE those bunny cards. Wow! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Alice drawing! So lovable.

Diane said...

Love your drawings. My daughter is loves to draw and I will be showing yours to her for inspiration.

Kim Rakes said...

I have missed you so and have tracked you down again! Yay! <3

Heather said...

i LOVE these new cards! they are so sweet and vintagey :)