23 December 2009

between the lupines and the tree

between the lupines and the tree

between the lupines and the tree

While sitting with my daughter, watching Corpse Bride (her choice for movie night), we also took up pens and notebooks for drawing. This is what I did, inspired in part by my very simple, lupines et tea, a diary of words and photos.

A little something I leave here with you as the countdown to Christmas begins!


Violet Folklore said...

Love it Andrea, in fact I reposted on Tumblr a couple hours ago!

Astral Boutique said...

so sweet Andrea! (-;

Heather said...

This is so very sweet! Love! Corpse Bride is a good movie choice, Audrey is a big fan of Coraline ;)
Merry Christmas to you!

Lauren said...

lovely work! this is so adorable. <3

Nicole Benjamin said...

...sigh... I *love* it Andrea!

Kim Rakes said...

you are such a beautiful soul, i am so glad to know you... you bring me a lot of hope and inspiration as I embark on another year of life and motherhood, especially. i hope to be all the sweet things you are to natalie to my own children <3

Anonymous said...

I ADORE this drawing, Andrea ♥
x x x