18 December 2009

the wellness tree

This past month or so I've been getting to know another woman I met through the wide world of blogging. Her name is Nicole and she does the blog GardenMama which I truly enjoy. It is filled with so much warmth and heart like nature inspired projects she does with her daughters, natural living and more.

Nicole contacted me a few weeks back to participate in a wonderful and inspiring project, The Wellness Tree. Touched by a comment she once received from a woman named Kelly, she pursued to know her better and she did. Kelly blogs with her best friend Kandyce at Notions and Threads and also has cancer. Here is what Nicole shared with me:

Kelly has stage four breast cancer.
She was diagnosed around 6 months after her son Ari was born.
She felt a lump in her breast and for months thought it was a clogged milk duct. She finally went in and they confirmed, the same day, that it was cancer.
She had a double mastectomy because they explained that with her young agethe likelihood of the the cancer returning was high and it was better to remove both breasts and not just the cancerous one.
After her surgery, they told her that she had a rare type of cancer. Kelly has received additional news in the last day or so that chemo will be needed for the rest of her life.

Nicole has been so touched by Kelly, she started The Wellness Tree, where other women around the world make one handmade ornament for Kelly with positive wishes for her future. I immediately said I was in and when I was sharing this with my husband, Natalie quickly wanted to join in and send her love to Kelly as well.

Here are our handmade ornaments made with love:

our ornaments for the wellness tree

Natalie wanted to make an owl for Kelly (since we all know that owls are our favorite). She picked gray for the color (felt glued to cardboard cut in the shape of an owl) and glued on glittered red buttons for the eyes. She drew a heart on a piece of gingham fabric, I cutted it for her and she also glued it on.

natalie's owl ornament

I decided on a white bird, like a dove I suppose. Doves usually carry the symbolism of peace which I think we all need within our hearts, especially when times are tough. I also thought of grace while making this for Kelly as well.

my scarfed bird ornament

These little tokens of love are ready and being shipped to Nicole to get them ready for Kelly. Please stop by The Wellness Tree to see all the wonderful ladies who participated in this community of inspiration and love.


Violet Folklore said...

You are such a dear Andrea. Really, just a wonderfully warm hearted person.

These ornaments are awesome. And easy to make! Inspiring.

andrea the pomegranates said...

Thank you so much Amber, by His grace I do try...

I bet little miss Mycie could make a few felt and carboard ornaments herself too ♥

Lisa said...

Just lovely Andrea! It is such a wonderful idea that Nicole thought of. I love seeing the site each day with so many unique and wonderful ornaments. What wonderful additions these will make.

Kim Rakes said...

what a warming project to be a part of, i know these will be absolutely cherished <3

Nicole Benjamin said...

Dear Andrea,
Your warm heart and sweet spirit is so touching to me. It is certainly a pleasure getting to know you, I appreciate the kind thought that you put into your post, I am overwhelmed by the positive wishes and beautiful ornaments that have been sent in for Kelly. Your ornament is so lovely I can imagine the love that was poured into it making. I really love that your daughter also made an ornament, children certainly have so much love and creativity to give! Much love and warm wishes to you xo

Sophia said...

As I sit here at almost 4:00am in the morning my time, tears stream down my cheeks. I sometimes get caught up in my own health issues and complain of being tired of being sick and unable to keep food down because of my own liver diagnosis and tumor. And here, someone else is dealing with major health issues, too. I feel low and bad.

I am touched deeply by her story. Thank you for sharing. I plan to go and visit. Your owl and bird is simply adorable.