31 March 2010

art and nature

natalie and the constellation tree

Towards the end of last year I had an idea for a project to do. It took some time because it's the first time I have sewn anything with a lot of detail and well, life gets busy too. I finally finished about a few month ago and barely uploaded the pictures today to share. This is my constellation tree. Well, not mine, but hers. She loves this little tree so much. Often times, in the middle of the night, she will crawl into our bed with the tree clutched in her hands.

constellation tree

I forgot to take a picture of the back of the tree but you can see the edges peeking out. The fabric was a piece of a soft white/floral top of Natalie's that didn't fit her anymore. I like the idea of using a fabric with a bit of history (for us, at least) and recycling in a different way as well.

natalie and the constellation tree

The little 'stars' are round pieces of blue floral fabric connected by little embroidered dots. This was a lot of fun to make and I will probably make another one since I have the felt cut out already.

a little bit of art and nature

So, with spring officially being here, I start to get the urge to rearrange things a bit. I love art and I love nature (no surprise, right?) so here, a union of the two. I bought the frame at Marshall's for two bucks. I tend to tear out and keep things from magazines, calenders and such. I remember when I first put this print in the frame and thought, perfect! The tiny curio cabinet was purchased from Little Byrd Vintage (she always finds the most amazing things). It holds my collected art buttons so well. Of course, there is a jar filled with natural tokens and to surround it all, little owls.


Anonymous said...

Everything in that post is absolutely perfect !
The tree but also this wee cabinet !
I love my "Little Big Head" pins : some of them are adorning my inspiration board (I can't wear them, because I'm too afraid to lose them ! My mum wears hers, all the time, tho !)
x x x

Helena said...

Oh this post is lovely! I LOVE the idea of using fabric from old clothes, what a great way to recycle them. Your cabinet with its collection of art buttons is gorgeous as well!

Robin Norgren said...

so beautiful...