30 March 2010



I finished my new piece called 'seafaring' and I am truly happy with it. Maybe one day when I start painting again I'll take previous illustrations and see how they transalate through paint and canvas. For now I know that I have more things I want to draw and create and something for my Natalie too.

She questioned me yesterday about my girls never smiling, how they always look sad. I told her that they are pensive, in deep thought. Now that I think about it though, I know through out my life there has always been a bit of sadness deep within. I know that I do love life, that I am thankful for everything good thing (and even the not so good) that has crossed my path. I do believe that everything is providencial, that everything happens for a reason. I do not feel sorry about the sadness though. I wouldn't be able to sympathize and empathize with others without it. I wouldn't be as sensitive as I am to myself, to my family, to friends, to others. It has taught me the toughest lessons in life. I would not be me without it. That's not to say their is no happiness though. So, I suppose, at least in my art, it's a glimpse of who I am. That their is a piece of me in everyone of the faces I draw. I suppose it's that way for most artists.

Life is a perpetual journey, often times to places unknown. It's vast and it's profound. It's possibilities are never ending. Maybe that's why I relate so well to the girl in the whale boat at sea. She is not alone though, she travels with a friend and has all the stars to look after her. For me, there is always a happy ending and it's that way with the characters I draw too.


Bev *Sanctuary and Serenity* said...

Wow kids are so intuitive aren't they? I never once look at your drawings and noticed there face. I think that's a very beautiful reflection you have noticed. To me even though I am happier then I have ever been I will always been tinged with so much sadness, and it will never go away but will always will I be grateful for the qualities of empathy and sympathy that it brings. Art is very personal and subjective, what one person sees might not be another. I immediately noticed the stars and the colours but now I look at it a second time, I can also see a girl looking sad who has given up rowing. I'm sure the more I look at it the more I would see and identify with. Possibilities as you said are never ending.

Anonymous said...

I love her Ada !
And these colours are perfect, I can almost smell the salty night air !
I see life as a journey, too ... It's hard sometimes ...
But then you get to find some gems. Like I found you. That makes it so worthy ♥

And I love how Nat questions things, too ... She's so bright and intuitive !
x x x

Jessica said...

So, so lovely.

Ah! Sadness. I spent approximately 15-20 years (hmmm, maybe longer) being pensive, in deep thought...very aware of my sadness.

I've noticed that since being cured of cancer--CURED. 100% cancer-FREE. I have felt every bit of that old, stagnant sadness lift from me. I actually *feel* lighter. Isn't that peculiar?

Anyway...I do adore this new painting. Just lovely!

andrea the pomegranates said...

I really enjoy hearing all of your insights, thoughts and your own experiences. It's things like this that remind me of humanity and that is a precious thing ♥