20 April 2010

featherheart love...

Yesterday I received a nice package from a new friend I met through Etsy. Her name is Shannon and she runs the shop Featherheart Trading Co. I stumbled on her shop about a month or so ago when I found that she makes and sells hair powder (for you know, those slicker days with your hair). I've been wanting to get one for awhile since I like to wash my hair every other day but I hate the greasy, stringing look it can get sometimes. While I was perusing her shop I saw a ton of other great, natural and herbal things as well as some really cool hand crafted items and vintage clothes.

As I was reading her shop info, I really was drawn to her aethestic of having an old fashioned trading company featuring the things she loves, vintage clothing and her handmande herbal products and accessories. I decided I needed to say hello to her and tell her how much I love her shop and the whole concept. We began talking and sharing and after a bit, decided for us to do a trade. I was so thrilled!! Shannon is such a sweet soul and immediately I thought she (and her shop) would be a perfect addition to the Folk Reveries group which I am not so sure if I have mentioned it much here (I am actually quite surprised since I love sharing everything. To sum up, Folk Reveries is an etsy group I started last year and it has quickly grown with some amazing artists and crafters. I am so estactic about the group and this year created a flickr group for members as well as a blog in addition to the twitter and facebook page).

I couldn't wait to pull out the camera (on my new phone, finally, something!) and take photos of her awesome products...

I got a very nice lavender face and body oil which I used last night after I washed my face. A couple of drops will do (yes, oil can go on the face) and it's aroma was a nice herbally lavender. Very happy with it and happy to know it will last awhile while making my face feel good and pretty.
I've been hearing the wonderful benefits of Holy Basil (also known as Tulsi) for awhile and when I saw she offered a tea of it, I was in. Her blend is called Holy Basil Love and it also has rose petals and a touch of lavender and it does not disappoint. She individually bags the tea and the pouches are quite filled little pillows, she does not skimp! I had two cups of it last night (Rick and Nat both liked it and as usual, Nat took the rest of my first cup).

The product the first drew me in, gypsy woman hair powder! I have it in my hair right now as I type and I love the natural aroma it has (it has lavender and rose petals in it). It is not overwhelming in the bottle but it does leave a nice earthy fragrance in your hair. I rubbed it in a bit so it wasn't obvious in my brunette hair that i had it there and it does give a bit of life back to locks that can be a bit limp. So happy to have it!

The mugwort and white sage bath salts, the one product I haven't tried in the bath yet but can not wait too! Nat and I open this promptly yesterday and her fingers were touching it before I could. She loves bath salts (she practically has used up all of a hefty sample I once got from Sarah of Lilith's Apothecary) and I know she wants to try this one. I did use it as a scrub on my hand to try it out and I can't wait for all that goodness to go over my whole body.
Speaking of mugwort and white sage, I saw that she also offered it in a lip balm. I've been dying to get my hands on some mugwort for awhile, actually. I wanted to try it as a tea but also as part of an herbal blend for dream pillows (it's said to assist in dreaming). Among her other lip balms is a rose one as well that I had to get for both Nat and myself (how can I not give her a little something, right? Besides, we all know we 'share' practically everything). I must say, her lip balms feel like pure heaven. Very emollient, very smooth (not like some lip balms that you have to 'work' into your lip before it starts doing what it's suppose to). I love the true rose fragrance, not an overpowering synthetic one and i love the way the mugwort and sage smells as well. Instant favorites.
Last, but not least of my amazing goodies is the sandalwood rose peace lotion. This lotion is more like whipped butter melting into your skin. While I was pampering my toes and soles with this creamy lotion I was thinking 'wow, how would this feel on my face?'. I remembered then that her lotions can also be used on the face so I am going to have to try that tonight. The texture truly is amazing, like silk and butter at once and I love how she uses pure ingredients that everything smells the way it should. I am going to have to stretch this product out because I know it will make all of my skin amazingly soft.

Of course, she has more delightful concotions for the body and I really need to snag up some more tea along with a few cool accessories and thrifted goods too. Again, you put vintage pretties with herbal products and I am so in! I am so happy to have found her and her shop and can't wait to put her name along with other folk reveries members as well. You can also find her at twitter and at her blog.

Photo item credits: tea cup lavender sachet by encore petite, lace and feather garland by white owl, felted owls and egg nest by faunfare and embroidered handkerchief by tiny happy.

P.s. Here I am in my all natural glory, smelling good with hair powder in and wearing my newest thrifted sweater that I told you about last week or so ;)

hello april natural morning...


FairiesNest said...

These look like great products, I'll be checking out her shop today!

moonshinejunkyard said...

i can't believe it! i too found featherheart about a month ago or so and was completely enchated with her "trading post" ideal and the products she creates as well as her so so lovely vintage clothes! you and me do indeed seem to be on the same page my dear! i am so glad to read your write-ups on these amazing products. i think i am going to start buying her stuff for gifts for my friends (and for me too, hehe) anyway thanks for this amazing post and you look GORGEOUS in your natural glory!!!

Courtney said...

Wow her products look amazing and her shop is just adorable! I am now a fan, thank you for sharing.

andrea the pomegranates said...

fairies nest--yes, do, i promise you'll love everything

heather--we are mirrors, we are! yes, go to her shop and buy lovelies. what great ideas for gift giving too ;) are the sweetest, thanks for making me feel all pretty ♥

courtney--i'm so glad you like it. she really does have some great items and i was more than happy to share :)

H. said...

you look so cute!

Helena said...

Awww how sweet!

I feel so humbled my felted owls are among your photos. I did see your post (I'm subscribed and make it a point to read all your entries the day they're posted) but I confess I was a little bashful at first! My owlies were not very good, but I made them thinking of you when you were in hospital, so I felt you deserved to have them. The next time I send you a parcel I'll have to include some of my newer creations too!


P.S. The photos of you are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

These are exciting products !
An I love the photos you've taken !

Thanks for using my little "lavender teacup" by the way :)

And, as i already told you, you are utterly beautiful. As gorgeous outside as you are inside. And that means VERY !

hugs to you,
x x x

regina said...

her stuff is TON NOTCH!!