02 April 2010

granite and wolves

bear and wolf

I took out my graphite pencils the other day and began experimenting. It's been so long since I used them and tried to do something artistic with them. When I have creatures on my mind they are usually of same variety: owls, foxes, bears and wolves. My first graphite drawing in awhile was of the latter two. I couldn't find my shader so I used tissue paper to smudge and shade. I left the edges rough and smudge too instead of cleaning up the lines. I just kind of liked the way it looks like that.

I decided to draw a wolf of the more realistic kind. I pulled out a book I have had since elementary school, Of Wolves and Men by Barry Holstun Lopez. I remember reading straight through this and devouring it all up as a kid. Wolves were one of my first favorite animals. The book has some really neat photos including one of a pup. Natalie loved it and told me to draw that wolf and so I did. I wanted to add a little something so I placed a black ribbon (or scarf, as Nat calls it) around him. I was quite thankful that I had found the shader by the time I started him. Before I was even finished with the drawing, Natalie had already claimed it for herself :)

a wolf cub for her

"The wolf is neither man's competitor nor his enemy. He is a fellow creature with whom the earth must be shared." -L. David Mech

Speak for the wolves...
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moonshinejunkyard said...

awww, what a wonderful wolf! it is so rad to me that you loved wolves even as a kid. they're a creature that i've learned to respect and love as i've grown older. i read this book last year called The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy, super intense but made me even more aware of the power and mystery of wolves. i think nat had the right idea claiming this!

thanks for your sweet words about my LA trip too! it's funny how it has such a bad connotation in so many ways but actually there is so much about the different neighborhoods of LA that is wonderful and inspiring. Lots of art abounding every day! I've been to Canter's before and usually make time for a weird unexpected movie in one of the tiny old theaters, didn't get to this trip but since my brother lives there and so does darin's, i'm sure we'll be going again soon.

Nicole Benjamin said...

Andrea, it truly is a treat to see so much of your art! I am really enjoying these posts it seems you have been creating so much these days! Happy Easter xo

Anonymous said...

Wonderful drawings! I love your blog, I will come back to read some more! =) ~Cori

Anonymous said...

Wonderful drawings! I love your blog, I will come back to read some more! =) ~Cori

Hmm. My comment might post 3 times. feel free to delete.

Diane said...

Me and my family love your drawings. We always eagerly await what you will post next.

andrea the pomegranates said...

heather--thank you for the book recommendation. i would love to pick that up. i read 'the road' and wow, what a book!
wolves, wolves, wolves. they are so majestic, so beautiful. i always wanted one and in elementary school we had a class project to write a story. i ended up writing a twelve page story about a girl raised by wolves. i got extra days to complete it because every one else just wrote two pages at the most. i'll have to dig it up and maybe i'll share it too ;)

andrea the pomegranates said...

nicole--thank you so much. it's good to 'be back' at least a little bit, right?

erin--bust out the paper and pencils! i encourage it very much!

cori--thank you too for stopping by and know that i'll be around on your blog too :)

diane--your comment is just so sweet. it's so awesome that even one person's life can be interesting to others. thank you!

David said...

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