21 April 2010

if i was...

Gunne Sax

if i was a month i'd be november
if i was a day of the week i'd be thursday
if i was a time of day i'd be dusk
if i was a sea animal i'd be a seahorse

String Game

if i was a direction i'd be east
if i was a piece of furniture i'd be an old chair
if i was a liquid i'd be the sea
if i was a gemstone i'd be topaz

behind the window

if i was a tree i'd be a willow
if i was a tool i'd be a paint brush
if i was a flower i'd be a hellebore
if i was a kind of weather i'd be rain

if i was a musical instrument i'd be a banjo
if i was a color i'd be earth brown
if i was an emotion i'd be longing
if i was a fruit i'd be a anjou pear

Bestest Friends

if i was a food i'd be my spinach, sausage and bean soup
if i was a material i'd be cotton
if i was a scent i'd be tuberose
if i was a flavor i'd be sweet


if i was a sound i'd be a 'ssshhhh'
if i was an element i'd be wind
if i was a mammal i'd be a fox
if i was a phase of the moon i would be full

"Moon Ritual"

if i was a berry i'd be blackberry
if i was a bird i'd be blackbird
if i was a book i'd be the lion, the witch and the wardrobe
if i was a place i'd be a forest by the sea

it was a dark dream

thank you dear heather of moonshine junkyard for sharing your lovely list (and for those who were before you too, the girl who married a bear and a cup full of sunshine...)

for art and photo credits, click on pictures...


angelina said...

if i were here alone i'd read this again and again , and again

urban mermaid said...

i've been following your blog for a few months, and was struck by some of the pictures; 'string game' - i did this just last week at the end of a doll-making art therapy course (never ever seen it before!) and the lotus flower and apples in water 'glastonbury' is just beautiful... i watched meadowdoe's photostream in delight, then recognised her street, and her beach photos! i realised we were living a stones throw away. sychronicity and serendipity...half way round the world and back - sometimes the internet is a truly magical thing!

Caitlin said...

what a beautiful post... you can learn a lot about someone by the symbolisms they relate to.

I am already thinking about what my answers would be...


moonshinejunkyard said...

i LOVE your answers! and the photos and art you chose are simply breathtaking. tis fun indeed to think about things this way....and ends up actually making you feel like you ARE a little bit of all these things in the universe.

Lisa said...

such a lovely list..just saw it on missa's blog as well and i want to do it too:)

Milla said...

Love love love!

Missa said...

Ah, so lovely! I have a fondness for old chairs and go seahorses! ;)

andrea the pomegranates said...

angelina--these kind of meme's never seem to get old with me...

urban mermaid--first, thank you for following me! i've never done a string game but would love to after seeing this illustration and hearing about it from you. and yes, micheala meadow's photos are so beautiful and ethereal. small world, isn't it? :)

caitlin--i think you are right ;)

heather--i like the way you see things!

milla and missa--thank you both and yes, there is such a nice charm to old things and sea wonders :)

Lisa said...

Hi, some two and a half years later I see your blog and I steal things ;) Lovely poem about you, I made my own :)
Happy New Year! :)