08 April 2010

mud cakes and flowers

After our thrifting, Nat and I did a few craft/projects that involved getting dirty, but in the good kind of way...
Poppies from our tiny garden (we planted the seeds last year).
Her bean she is growing for her Girl Scout Daisies
She planted a few Marigold seeds that she got for Easter. We are using this plant to watch and observe in our own little 'greenhouse'
Her camera is still having a few difficulties with focusing, but here she is jotting down in her nature journal the flower and day we planted.

A very simple greenhouse idea I just posted on Believing Nature yesterday

Her nature journal (a dollar find at Michael's awhile back)

The first entry, showcasing what the marigold seeds look like
Our alyssum sprouts from seeds we planted about a week or so ago

And now, our mud cakes! From another craft idea I posted. She had so much fun making these. She kept sing/saying 'Mud cakes! Free mud cakes, come get your mud cakes' over and over :)
Using tokens from nature as our decorative toppings

This one had so much mud it flattened. We still had fun with it (I know I did because this was the one I decorated). Nat had found the little plastic bunny on a walk once and placed it perfectly in the mud pie
She made a happy face with leaves for eyes and checks on top of a rock. This rock is part of the little cemetery we have for our two hamsters, fred and george (yes, after the weasley twins from harry potter) and a mockingbird chick that we tried to save. This 'monument' was placed back to it for them
A triangle pie!

Today was a wonderful day of talking about so many things. On our way to the Thrift store, she started talking about nature. I'll paraphrase but it was the sweetest thing. She shared that there is so much you can learn from nature that you can't learn at school. That you can teach kids and even little babies that don't know that much about trees and leaves. She continued on about the lessons and wonders of nature and I was truly proud of her.


Bev *Sanctuary and Serenity* said...

i adored making mud pies as a kid and spent ages decorating them with beautiful flower petals and also making flower wine too :) aw... good memories... :)

Tricia (Little eco footprints) said...

Lovely mud pies!

I so want to make some mud pies tomorrow. Thanks for sharing :-)

Child in Harmony said...

Love your pretty mudcakes! I'm going to make one and see if the children join know they will :)