18 June 2010

the burrow opens...

I'm here to announce that a new section at the Kindly Owl is now opened. It is called 'The Burrow' and it is where you will find vintage and gently worn odds and ends type things. It's for things I see that others may be able to enjoy and it's also a purging place for me and the things in my home, closet, etc. I've often thought about doing what so many other neat etsy shops have done by selling secondhand wares. I look at how inviting and wonderful many of these shops look but have never known if I could or would fully commit to such an endeavor. Not only that, but I didn't want to open yet another shop (as it is I have too much going on often times). I thought it would be fitting to have a nook and cranny within my new shop for just such an idea. 
I have listed a few things so far, nothing in a cohesive theme but like I said, odds and ends.


the wild magnolia said...

This is a marvelous idea! :) Good job!

mathyld / under the pyramids said...

Eeeek !
These pictures are a dream and the book made me squeel with delight: I ADORE Marjolein Bastin and didn't know a book about her existed !
x x x