14 June 2010

The Kindly Owl and Nocturne Flora

kindly owl -- coming soon...

Littlebighead has finally opened the Kindly Owl shop! There are a several items listed with more on the way. I
think I pretty much announced what the Kindly Owl is all about a couple of posts ago. I've made a couple of owls with the question of which sized face is generally favored. It was pretty even between the small face and larger face but I think I will continue to make the pocket owls with the larger face for a more 'owly' look. I do, however, have the smaller faced owl available in the shop!

pocket owl scented with lavender (small faced)

I also mentioned that with the Kindly Owl is in a collaboration with Helena of Faunfare. She has blogged a beautiful post announcing our creative project Nocturne Flora. I can't match her literary skills so I would love for you all to read her post. I am pretty excited for our venture and you can find her Nocturne Flora creations as well as my contributions for it.

sleeping mandrake herbal doll
(a sleeping mandrake herbal doll for Nocture Flora)

nocturne flora

I am truly excited for this creative process with Helena. She is wonderfully smart and creative with her ideas and products. It's been great going through this process with her as an idea, with a deadline (to help me most definitely!), to it's birth and for it's future growth. I will always been thankful to her for her support and encouragement and to Etsy for it was the forum in which we met (as well as some other dear friends). We do have more planned for this project so stay tuned for more information and updates as they come :)


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