08 June 2010

a kindly owl preview

kindly owl -- coming soon..

As some of you may know, I am starting a new endeavor and within that, a wonderful and creative collaboration. Littlebighead will be expanding with the beginning of a new shoplet called The Kindly Owl (also known as Kindly Owl Herbs). Thanks to my friend Helena, I've been encouraged to no longer let the idea fester away inside my head but to finally bring it into realization. It will start off small but I am hoping that it will grow into something larger and fun. Actually, the whole idea of The Kindly Owl started about a year or so ago. I had purchased a few books on herbs and plants and was eagerly trying to gain as much knowledge as I could. Nattie, too, like the idea of herbs and flowers and of learning how to create herbal products that she too, could have a part in and 'sell' (she's has quite the entrepreneurial mind). I thought what a great idea, a project that both her and I could do together. Thus, the idea of The Kindly Owl began.

Natalie was very excited to make her own teas (which is one of the products we would like to offer). I was trying my hand at several variations with different herbs but it was her, not I, that struck gold. She wanted to make her own tea and all I did was put out a few herbs that she could use. She came up with a very yummy floral tea and named it Fairy Flower tea. I still need to find out if there are any rules and regulations about the selling of herbs/teas but I am sure that her tea will be the first to sell in the shop.

natalie and the mandrake

Another interest of ours is the Mandrake plant. I fell in love with this plant the very first time I was introduced to it by the wonderful world of Harry Potter. I had been wanting to try my hand at making some dolls and thankfully, again, with the help of  Helena, I've been encouraged to make some mandrake themed items to be a part of our collaboration known as Nocturne Flora. Both of our shops will be featuring a few mandrake items that have helped our creative sparks collectively. Helena makes wondrous natural perfume oils that just smell absolutely amazing. She also makes delightfully magical little felted creatures (which I am a proud owner of a couple of darling owls). She has a few things up her sleeve for Nocturne Flora including expanding the idea to other beautifully dangerous plants as well. For my part, I will begin with a little sleeping mandrake doll. The top leafy part of this doll is filled with a relaxing herbal blend by Mountain Rose Herbs so that you can take this doll to sleep with you (if you like, of course). So, here is a little sneak preview of the sleeping mandrake doll...

sleeping mandrake

Eventually, I will make more mandrake dolls including one like you see above with Natalie. I am still working a bit on shape so that it won't look too much like a ginger root like our little 'Drake Manly' does.

Well, I wasn't expecting to 'reveal' so much of this until the shop opened but oh well! I love sharing! Which leads me to a question I very much need your help on. I will also be making little owls for the shop. I am still working on shapes and such but have so far come up with two variations. What I would like to know is, which one do you like more? The one with the smaller face or the one with the larger?

which owl?

which owl?

I am still not sure which one I prefer more since they both have endearing qualities to me. Please please let me know because I am a bit stumped as to which one I will decide to make more of.

Well, I'm off now to do some things domestic, recreational (hopefully) and creative alike. Hope to hear from you all very soon! :)


lauren gray | art said...

How wonderful for the two of you!! As for the owls, I like the large faced owl. :) Good luck to you girls on your new and exciting endeavor!

Helena said...

I like them both, I think the larger-faced one looks like a male owl and the smaller one looks female! I saw on Facebook the opinion was quite divided as well, maybe keep them both?

I'm off to blend another perfume for our store! Share with you when it's complete :).

Agnese said...

I think I prefer the small faced owl but they're both very cute!

It's amazing what you do with your daughter - it always reminds me of all the pretty things my mum has been teaching me :)

Good luck for you new shop!

nullalux said...

Smaller owl face, I believe.

But more importantly, mazel tov and yasher koach on your new venture! You are such an inspirational factotum.


mathyld / under the pyramids said...

Where have I been ? Preparing Cotton Club kept me away from my favourite blogs & friends ...

This is fabulous and exciting news, indeed, Ada !
Yay !

And I love both your owls but maybe the one with the larger face looks cuter :)
x x x