12 July 2010

a little LA adventure

2010-07-10 14.06.26_Los Angeles_California_US

We began our day at a Korean Bakery munching on pastries filled with red beans, sweet pea and pumpkin. We decided to spend our day out with Venice Beach being our first destination. We weren't going for the actual beach, the street performers or all the crazy shops and people (yet we still experienced it all!) but for Mollusk Surf Shop. Rick heard that Jenny Lewis had a new single out with her boyfriend and they would be available for free.

2010-07-10 14.00.25

2010-07-10 13.59.01

The shop had a lot of really cool t-shirts with fantastic art. There was no Jenny Lewis but a few look a likes entered the shop. We got our free single on cassette and headed towards or next stop. On the way out of Venice though, I did catch Tim Robbins coming out of a little shop, gray hair, big smile and all. I was so excited I forgot his name for a minute but finally had to say 'the dad from Zathura'! Of course, at that point, Nat completely knew who I was talking about.

2010-07-10 14.01.04_Los Angeles_California_US

2010-07-10 13.58.42

Next was the Griffith Observatory. We love that place and it was especially appropriate since Saturday was Nikola Tesla's birthday. The observatory actually has a Tesla Coil there so we watched a little bit of an electric show.

2010-07-10 16.04.32

2010-07-10 16.05.49

2010-07-10 16.50.18

2010-07-10 16.50.30

After looking around a bit, we got back in the car and headed towards the bottom of the park. There was a little area there called Fern Dell and what a delightful stroll we had.

2010-07-10 17.07.39

2010-07-10 17.10.50

2010-07-10 17.11.07

2010-07-10 17.14.03

2010-07-10 17.14.56

2010-07-10 17.16.06_Los Angeles_California_US

2010-07-10 17.19.00

2010-07-10 17.20.47

2010-07-10 17.21.29

2010-07-10 17.28.24

2010-07-10 17.28.48

2010-07-10 17.33.27

2010-07-10 17.33.40

These next photos totally reminded me of my leafy guy we named the mildly menacing shrub

2010-07-10 17.37.48

2010-07-10 17.38.28

2010-07-10 17.41.59

2010-07-10 17.39.31

There were a few nice houses behind the fence. I caught a few 'glimpses' on camera

2010-07-10 17.44.44_Los Angeles_California_US

2010-07-10 17.45.54

2010-07-10 17.46.10

Our last few minutes there we felt a bit of drizzle and were surprised to see the roads wet with rain. Rain in July, crazy...

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