11 October 2010

little things often reap the biggest rewards...

star stockings

  • baking with bubelah while she 'hosts' her own cooking show
  • filling up time with more useful and productive things for all of us alike 
  • feeling grateful to be a part of creative avenues like featherheart trading co.'s labels and business cards
  • feeling equally blessed to receive a packaged filled with natural goodies from featherheart!
  • a new commission to begin very soon
  • a few days of autumn gray, rain, tea & homemade muffins and cookies
  • encouragement, reassurance and admonishment for mothers
  • late evening bike rides (with more to come!)
  • the simple joys of making jiffy pop with a child of the twenty first century and seeing her absolute delight over it
  • a small vintage etsy indulgence to arrive via post shortly
  • the pleasure of perusing a new GloryBee catalog
  • visiting old friends and being able to be at a service with them
  • the complete enjoyment of being at a shower to celebrate a friend's upcoming nuptials
  • long talks with kindred spirits
  • decorating the house with homemade halloween crafts
  • looking forward to friday morning when a few friends will come over and visit!


Courtney said...

I love this list of all of your little things. Truth be told, some of them sound like very, very big things! I hope that your week is off to a happy start!

andrea littlebighead said...

Thank you so much Courtney ♥