15 December 2010

Hello Hyde...

My dear friend Helena has been brewing up some lovely perfumes for sensational olfactory delight! Her natural fragrances at Faunfare are my favorite and now she steps it up a notch with her luxury line, Hyde. Along with the sweetest little mandrake root ever (love him!) I was sent a lovely sample pack of the newest Hyde fragrances, all elegantly wrapped in black.

It was so hard deciding which one I loved the most. Jack the Ripper was scarily inviting and smooth like the silkiest powder. Sorcery has the pleasantness of citrus and bergamot, very enchanting indeed. Opium also has notes of citrus with bitter orange and Japanese yuzu. I'm especially in love because it has the intoxicating and haunting fragrance of tuberose among it's notes. de Sade is delightfully different with black pepper and tobacco blond. It seems at once more serious and yet still playful (Rick really enjoyed this one). Initiation is a bit warmer, a soft embrace of red mandarin and cardamom. All in all truly enticing fragrances, each one!

I'm also impressed with her Hyde business cards, mysterious and prestigious just like her fragrances.

Helena, I feel so extremely honored to be blessed with these tokens of your amazing workmanship but above that, with your friendship...

(You can find both Faunfare and Hyde at her Faunfare Etsy but please take a look at her Faunfare website as well. It is absolutely beautiful and she has a new Faunfare product, solid perfume in a most ornate antique silver cast locket. Gorgeous!! Hyde also has it's on site (currently being updated) at


Heather said...

Oooh, they sound so mysterious and lovely! The packaging is gorgeous too, and really adds to the mystery. The mandrake is too precious!

Claire said...

Those sound magical. I love it when scents are warm and intoxicating- you're a lucky girl to get some as a gift!
Happy Holidays