23 December 2010

winter blessings...

This Christmas season, I am thankful and grateful for many things, both big and small....
  • handmade gifts from my daughter
  • the simple beauty of lights to bring cheer
  • painting toe nails and laughter
  • finding happiness in small things
  • pretending you sleep in a magical room
  • the children in your family
  • finding places you never knew before
  • gathering of very good friends
  • grown women loving funny socks
  • wishful thinking in beautiful photos
  • happy hopes for new endeavors
  • making due with what you have been given
  • home cooked food and delicious home baked goodies
  • the enchanting rain
  • thrift store seeking, shopping and gifting
  • tea tea and more tea
  • slowing down to treasure precious moments flying by
 and most of all, for Luke 2:10, 11

    Merry Christmas to all my friends...


    LeLa said...

    Sweet pictures! Happy Holidays!

    andrea littlebighead said...

    happy holidays to you too, dear!

    Milla said...

    Blessings indeed and Happy New Year, maybe it bring you love adventure, happiness, joy and dancing feet!

    Drucilla Pettibone said...

    thanks for all the gifts you give!! love the family portraits especially!! xoxo

    Şenay Céline said...

    oh i just spend an hour to wander in your blog and i adore your world! it's so cosy and magical and filled my heart with warm feelings and brought smiles to my face! I'm so happy that i have found your blog in the first day of the new year!
    Happy New Year!

    andrea littlebighead said...

    So wonderful to meet you Senay! Thank you for visiting me and please do come by again! :)