22 January 2011

welcome to le cirque fantôme!

I am so thrilled to show you my little ghostly circus! I had started this before the year was over and completely forgot about it once the holidays came. This is an idea I had for quite some time so I am excited the Circus is finally in Town!


Claire said...

Wait, is the circus actually in town where you live? That sounds awesome. So is your little ghost circus- I wonder if a caravan of circus folks went over a cliff and now their ghostlings spend eternity doing their show?

Şenay Céline said...

Such a fun idea and your illustrations are amazing! they're unique and they look so beautiful<3
My favourite one is the tattoo lady ghost :))

Anything but Bland said...

hehe sooo cute ada!!! <3

love, polly

Violet Folklore said...

Wayyy too cute!