17 February 2011

my favorite valentines...

This family valentine's day we:
  • drove in little buggys and felt the wind in our hair
  • covered our eyes when we passed the yetis on the matterhorn
  • visited our favorite haunted mansion & picked up a hitchhiking ghost
  • sailed on the pirate ship Columbia and saw how seamen lived
  • feasted on good food and mint juleps
  • bought Tiana's Cookbook so we can learn how to make beignets, jambalaya & peach cobbler
  • drew animations and characters like Grumpy and Mickey Mouse
  • Ate our favorite big fat peanut butter cookies with plump peanut butter chips
  • watched Nat soar across the night sky in a silly swing
  • played games on the boardwalk
  • had an absolutely perfect valentines with my favorite sweethearts. 
Best Valentine's day ever....

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