01 April 2011

letters, ice tea & a welcoming sign

There are many things I enjoy but two things I believe many of friends know that I especially do: writing/sending letters and having tea. I've been writing letters since I was a child and never lost my love for handwritten mail. I believe by the time I was about 18 or so is when I started decorating envelopes, whether with drawings, clippings or even paint. Sometimes I wish I took a picture of each and every envelope I did that I was so proud of just to have a record of it. It inspired me to begin yet another little hobby tumblr, The Emphera Mail, where I will be posting photos of letters I send out. I'm also recording what posts and packages inspire me on one of my pinterest boards.

I also started getting together with a small group of good friends once a month for tea, sweets, savories, good conversation and fellowship. Again, in typical Andrea fashion, I started a blog for it as well called Kindred Gathering. I usually post the monthly invites along with a few photos of the treats. This time I forgot to take pictures but in place, I posted my very simple recipe for our little family's favorite beverage, Spiced Ice Tea Lemonade (or Arnold Palmer, whichever you prefer) and I thought I would like to share it here as well:

The days needs to continue on in other ways but before I leave, here are a couple of photos of with Nat and her 'welcome sign' she made for fairies (for those traveling past our front yard, of course). Have a great weekend everyone!


Violet Folklore said...

Natalie is such a doll! Way too cute.
You truly are an Internet Documenter Extraordinaire! I love the new Tumblr (following), and always love seeing your darling little packages and drawings. You are so rad :-)

Amber Dusick said...

Oh, who wouldn't LOVE to get a letter like that? And the gatherings look amazing with all that yumminess happening, looks like so much fun.

mathyld ▲ under the pyramids ▲ said...

The best post ever !!!
I say you should sell labels on your Etsy shop : address labels, books ex-libris and such ! I'm positively sure they would sell <3
x x x

andrea littlebighead said...

thank you all so much!!! your comments make my blog happy ♥