23 April 2011

putting things in order is a good thing...

Hello dear friends! Being here on my blog, I see that my entries are getting a little few and far between but it's all for good! I have been changing things and getting things in order (finally). I am continuing to realize the importance of dedicating yourself to what is valuable. I feel as I rid myself of certain empty pursuits or at least limit certain things, the time I have leftover is abundant and productive. I have not been online as much as I and it has proved to be for the better. I have missed out on being up to date with certain things, certain friends (and thus, certain blogs as well) but it's alright. I am having more time to do illustrations for various projects, write my own stories (finally!), get more domestic duties done (and thus have more family time available) and most import, establish my spiritual life more with reading and prayer. Oh, and let's not forget physical activity with walking, bike riding and family time like throwing the frisbee around and paying more attention to our little 'garden'. life is good, is it not?

Scenes from the past month:

funny dress up, hearty and delicious soup, 80th birthday celebration, family diary entry, african cats, impromptu gardening....

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Milla said...

Oh Nat is being so adorable! I agree with you, that you must only do the things that matter, and sometimes the internet and all its infinite connections can be such a time-suck. I'm glad you're back with these little scenes though.

Happy Easter!