25 May 2011

oh how lovely green mansions...

Sometimes, before you have seen a movie, you know you are going to like it. I just seen Green Mansions for the first time, and yes, I loved it! The premise of the movie sounded so intriguing I had to see it. Now, to get my hands on a copy of the book it was based on, that would be nice!

How breathtaking is Audrey Hepburn? And I can't forget the sweet and tender song, played and sung by Anthony Hopkins. Unfortunately I can not share the video from YouTube because it has been disabled, so please tell me you will go to the video and see it/hear it. Please. :)


Sophia said...

Wow! VERY beautiful photo of Audrey there. I'm currently reading a biography about her and learing things I wasn't even aware of. :)

Mama Teaching 3 said...

She is a beautiful person. I never heard of the movie. I was hoping I could find it on such luck. Now i must see it!