31 May 2011

a visit to the farmer's market

We visited the Farmer's Market in Downtown Fullerton last week, our first for the season. We decided to head out there after our trip to the local Costco (where I took photos of Nat by the budding tomato plants). The Farmer's Market is always so much fun to visit not just for the abundant sampling of great tasting fresh vegetables and fruits, the cool handmade merchandise or even the fun atmosphere of music and gathering but for the people watching to. I think you can find the coolest people at a Farmer's Market. Like we did that night. I had to stop a young girl who I had to do a double take. I thought I saw something unusual and I was right. She was walking around with a beautiful and brilliantly colored yellow sun glow baby boa. Amazing!

We walked around and perused the tents of different people selling their wares. The place we were impressed with the most was The White Llama with everything being made of llama wool. The dresses, blankets, gloves, mittens, scarves, everything was so beautifully made. We weren't able to purchase anything that day but we did come back home with some fresh corn, onions, turkey jerky and a bunch of rainbow chard (swiss chard) that Nettles picked herself. :)

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