04 June 2011

what marie could have said nowadays (for a contest, of course)!

I decided to enter into Fresh & Easy's Design-a-bag contest for the second year in a row. Last year I entered in a simple drawing that my daughter wanted me to do. I had fun with it because it was a sort of collaboration (well, more like I just did what she wanted) but it was nice seeing her vision on what should be on a shopping bag. This year I decided to go with the first idea that came to me. Based on the winner last year, I think they are going for a graphic arts look but that didn't deter me. I instantly thought of the very grand Queen of France, Marie Antoinette herself and played off of the famous phrase attributed to her (whether she actually said it or not, we will never know).

Now that the entry deadline has passed, I thought I would share it all with you here. Since we all know Marie had a flair for the outrageous when it came to hairstyles, I thought it only fitting to 'do' her up fresh market style. Of course, a large pink cake had to be in there, along with a bottle of wine and a few pretty roses (which references our Fresh & Easy's pretty bouquets at the entrance). All in all, it was fun drawing this up. It is not the first that have drawn Marie and it definitely won't be the last.

In other news, I am half way done on a portrait of a friend of mine with her young daughter. I am pretty excited to finally get at it and I do very much hope she enjoys it. She herself is a tremendously talented artist and has definitely inspired me. I am hoping to continue to venture out with paint and canvas and hopefully will be putting some originals in the shop soon. Until next time friends, Good night!


Teeny said...

This is so beautiful! So clever! You SHOULD win. If you don't, then I don't fancy their marketing dept.

Milla said...

I agree with Teeny! You surely must win! (or we'll show those measly peasants ;)

Diane said...

Just love it. You are so creative. Always love visiting your blog and seeing what you have come up with lately.