13 June 2011

work and weekends...

  • Painted on a couple of smooth rocks I picked up from Abalone Cove
  • Drew out two design ideas for a t-shirt contest (come vote for my designs, #66 and #67)!
  • Played my old clarinet again (and being inspired to rediscover it all over)
  • Had dinner and dessert with friends, my family and parents at the local spot for Food Trucks 
  • Introduced my friends to my rad cousin for tattoo ideas
  • Had a drink with the same friends before watching Super 8 (and seeing our friend's credit)!
  • Getting up close and personal with a couple of classic cars from the man my dad bought his bike off of
  • Theology that leads to Doxology and other things at a Core Gathering for Mars Hill Orange County
  • Eating at Wahoo's and hanging out afterwards with friends at the Irvine Spectrum
  • Sunday Service of encouragement to live our lives with one another in community
  • Natalie's last time as a Brownie at her Girl Scout's Ceremony
  • Perusing Cost Plus World Market and picking up a couple of Fentiman's (my favorite sodas) and an adorable tin of Moustache Mints)!
All in all, completely blessed by these last few days: of art, family, friends, fellowship and being with the One whom all blessings flow....


Heather said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! What bright and colorful things! So pretty! I bet its cooler there in SoCal than it is here right now ;)

Mars Hill OC sounds interesting! Is it connected Mars Hill in Michigan (I think its Michigan...?) I'm reading Love Wins right now for a book club thing at our church :)

andrea littlebighead said...

It's actually apart of the Mars Hill in Seattle. Look them up, their site is filled with great stuff,!