03 October 2011

N is for Nissien

 The weekend of September 23, 2011 was the first West Coast Eisteddfod, Welsh Festival of Arts held at Barnsdall Park in Los Angeles. I was privileged to be a part of the Welsh Mythology and Legend Art Show curated by Lorin Morgan-Richards (he actually coordinated the festival). Each work of art represented a letter in the Welsh alphabet and was inspired by a stanza of Welsh mythology written by Lorin. My piece above, is 'N is for Nissien' and here is the poetry that inspired it:

N is for Nissien
Who battles amongst the celestial star
He combats his twin Efnissien
Dueling for peace afar.

It was so very interesting perusing all the different ideas and works put out by other artists.  I especially appreciate Lorin giving all the artists complete reign over how they interpreted his words.

All the works made particularly for this event have all been compiled into a limited edition book, A Welsh Alphabet.  The book is rich with diverse imagery, original poetry and historical background to Welsh culture.

I am especially thankful to have been able to meet in person the wonderful Kimberly Wlassak of Gerushia's New World! We had been messaging each other back and forth a couple of months before the festival and it was such a joy to 'know' someone there! Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating meeting other people, let alone artists, but Kimberly was such a sweet kindred person with a friendly family to boot (Kim, tell Ava thanks so much for hanging out with Nattie)! Go visit Kim's blog about her adventures and artwork for the festival here.

As for the original of my work, I will probably be putting it up in the shop so when I do, I'll be sure to announce it.  Here's one piece of work that I am very fond of, for obvious reasons (and yes, that's a mustache she is wearing. She got it out of a 25 cent machine at The Echo Park Time Travel Mart. Ahhh, my daughter) ;)

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Gerushia's New World said...

I am so thankful for our meeting at the opening ceremonies and feel blessed to have been a part of such a magical night. Sitting with you and yours....talking, drinking mead and watching both of our daughters run around together was a treasure I will never forget.

Gerushia's New World