19 January 2012

gearing up and getting ready...

I am almost eight and half months pregnant and I am definitely beginning to feel the weight of all of it (and I don't just mean the physical part of it, which of course, goes without saying)! I am feeling the need to clean up, clear out, minimize and nest for our new little one. Thankfully I have had support in doing this when my body is not feeling at it's optimum. Last week, my friend generously gave of her time to help me put a new shelf in Nettle's room and to tidy up what had become a pig's pen in the last few months.
The girl still has a lot of things (try as I may to consolidate!) but at least it is looking orderly and organized now. It makes a huge difference to be able to breathe when I enter her room and not feel overwhelmed by it all.
Her room is not the only room that needed addressing. This week I've been going through my own things in effort to make room for our boy. I've had to buckle down and really ask myself what I can give away or throw out. I have a tendency to hold on to all sorts of things 'just in case' whether it's smaller size clothes or crafting material. I'm trying to understand that if I truly need something, it will be provided for and sometimes it is okay to go out and get just what you need so you don't become a bit of a hoarder. In clearing out some drawers and boxes, I did manage to find a few peculiar items (well, not peculiar to me but maybe for others). I found a handful of little dried ginger roots (which I now call ginger bones), cut out paper bunnies instead of dust bunnies, a family of ghost rocks and other assorted stones and old drawings.

Another blessing I've had this week is some really cool hand me downs from another friend of mine. As I was sorting through the clothes and stuff, it really began to hit me that this is real. This little boy of mine, that loves to move about and aggressively remind me that he is in there will be arriving soon!

As I also prepare for him, I wanted to do the best with what we have. Most of you know that we are currently cohabiting with my parents. We have two rooms, ours (Rick and I) and the Nettle's. Like before, our room will now also host the baby (along with already being our bedroom, family room, craft and art space and office). I know it's not the 'ideal' place for a nursery but I still want to make his 'space' nice and intentionally his. I finally finished my first flag bunting for him which I am particularly fond of because it has some sentimental value to it. The denim and white floral flags are actually cut out of an old pair of jeans and a top that was Nettle's when she was younger. It's a small way of including her into what will be his and I truly like that idea. I also made his first initial with buttons and cloth leaves (also from an old top of Nettle's) on an embroidery hoop to add to his 'wall'.

I also did promise Nettles I would make her a flag bunting and an initial hoop for her room as well. I have the triangles all cut out and ready to go! Her flags also include her former white floral top as well as black floral print that once was an old skirt of mine. Again, passing along things that once were ours into something new.
There is still much to do but I am happy of the progress that is being made. The countdown has begun!


moonshinejunkyard said...

so very excited for you!!! all your preparations all looking wonderfully inviting. baby boy is going to love his special cozy corner.

i have the exact same problem as you...i hesitate to use the word hoarder but it's probably slightly true :) i have reaaally been focusing on getting rid of stuff, like you said, that i have not found a use for in ten years or so. i might as well find a way to get it again if it turns out i need it. i cannot believe how much fabric (yes, even cute vintage fabric!) i've gotten rid of and i still have more coming out my ears. it is truly refreshing to clean out, make space, and move on. the thrift stores round here are thanking me :)

much love to you and sweetest blessings as you get close to your baby's arrival. i cannot wait to see his precious face.

Jessica said...

I'm so, so happy for you...and love that bunting. Oh--and the little ghostling stones (adorable)!

Happy nesting, sweet friend!

Heather said...

This is such an exciting time! Hope you get to relax and enjoy these last few weeks. I cant wait to hear all about your new little one, and see pictures too!~

Helena said...

What beautiful pictures! I love the little stone ghosts too :). Will you share with me what 'F' stands for? (Sorry if you've already addressed it in a previous post and I missed it!)

Polly Bland said...

these are all so precious! I love them! I love your artwork! :D

love, polly

mathyld ▲ under the pyramids ▲ said...

I love the buntings idea ! And so so sweet that you'll make one for Nat <3
I'm beyong thrilled for you, guys.
I send love, as always, from across the deepest seas,
x x x

Milla said...

Hi dear, I hope your journey towards second babe continues to be this fun and beautiful. Looks like your creativity has only been enhanced by your pregnancy-no sign of tiredness there. I have to say I quite admire your devotion to providing beauty to your kiddo's every day life.
Blessings, prayers and good thoughts are with you. Happy Birth!