16 December 2008

at the moment, to remember...


Petite Ace of Spades said...

Supercute ! You made that ?
You should sell the print in your Etsy. Luv it !

I'll post a pic of my "wall of frames" soon, but right now they're all stacked in two -huge- piles on my floor, waiting for the big day ... ;)

x x x

pomegranates said...

yes, that is part of one of my drawing journals. i am so glad you like it!

p.s. i can't wait to see the wall of frames too :)

Sprinkle said...

Oh wow, how have I not seen your magical blog(s) until now! Since you have so many I'm leaving this comment on all of them... :)

I adore your artwork, I really think you have a lot of magical talent... <333 lovely.
By the way, I'm Sprinkle.
PS--I love your kid(s?)! So adorable...

pomegranates said...

thank you so much 'sprinkle'! i really do appreciate it :)