17 December 2008

on a lovely rainy day...

another rainy day and so i decided to make her
something i've been promising her for awhile.
a little cardboard house.
she painted it a shade of purple and i did the rest.
paper windows with dark shades and polka dotted 'panels'.
a black door in a red frame
and paper bag brown shingles for the roof.
there is a little hole left on top so her little house
can be a practical little bank for her as well.

and as the rain continued we made shapes and decorated
colored sugar cookie dough her papa bought her.
it was a lovely rainy day today...

p.s. thanks to petite ace of spades, i used the name faunettes to create a record blog of sorts. it's called the books we read and it's just a place to log the books i read to natalie.
not preschool books or anything of that sort but actual stories that take me a few days to read to her.
it's just a little something for when she is older, she can look back and see what we read together when she was young.
of course, anyone is welcome to look and stayed tuned. feel free to leave comments about stories and give suggestions and recommendations.


Petite Ace of Spades said...

Tee-hee ! I'm glad you can use that made-up word !

I really liked that new drawing of yours !
Will you have some prints in your Etsy shop ?

x x x

Petite Ace of Spades said...

+ the house is a-do-rable ! Love the little roof !!!
x x x

Jennifer said...

the house is adorable!