28 January 2009

it's the middle of the week, isn't it?

i finally went to buy black paper and already my mind is filling with so many ideas. i was able to make backgrounds for some of my papercuts and i made a couple of things for a few mail swaps i'm involved in. i made a little papercut necklace and a paper bird mask, each for two different friends. i am happy with the outcome and am thinking of ways to continue to create them better so that i can put them in the shop (i already did a felt bird mask for it). of course, she liked the mask and had me make her a little paper one too.

also, the days have been nice and bright and this is her last week at preschool. next week she officially begins junior kindergarten at the school right across the street. that is going to be so nice to just walk her to and from school, enjoying a little sunlight and air.

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