30 January 2009

a twice trade...

to whomever is interested,
i am going through all my littlebighead items and such and have decided to do a trade two times. it just means i have two packets of postcards and note cards that i would like to trade with whom would like it. each little packet includes:
  1. (5) the stars are falling rounded post cards
  2. (5) pomegranates and the ghosts rounded post cards
  3. (5) natalie and the owl note cards
  4. (1) drink me, eat me post card (the last in my stock)
  5. (1) crow and citrus note card
  6. (1) brothers and sister note card
  7. (1) they are my friend rounded post card
if you are, please leave a comment and on wednesday, february fourth, i will pick two people randomly. if picked you don't have to tell me what you are going to trade (i love surprises) because everyone likes to get a little something now and then, right?


angelique said...

Would you like a little something French pacific orientated? If so I would like to trade. Cheers

Jennifer said...

yes, please. :)

thewindhover said...

I have been reading your blog with delight for some time now. And I would love to trade! I love surprises too; so I shan't tell you what I'd swap but you can get an idea from my etsy shop!

MEG said...

I'd love a trade. :)

Lisa Evans said...

I'd love to trade : )

Who's B? said...

I would love to do a trade and have the perfect little idea.....

little black forest said...

oh yes, i adore trading!. count me in!

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Oh what a pretty selection, Andrea !
(I had to say it, but leave me out, as I've been lucky enough already ! That would be unfair !)

By the way, something for you is gonna leave Paris tomorrow ;)

x x x