20 February 2009

fawned friday of found things and other sorts

(this goldenrod photo from mbgriby)

  1. the new alela diane video, white as diamonds. i just love her voice, her sound, her words
  2. has been very nice to set up songs for playlists and for sharing, you should come along
  3. recycled mirrors, bird confitures, french birdcage, glass domes and other wonderful things to fill your house with from mothology
  4. owl plate, an adorable bird clutch, a sweet little roosting pocket house and other garden variety lovelies from garden brooklyn
  5. one day, if i ever begin to garden, i think i might like to buy some nice things from urban weeds and the new york botanical shop too
  6. wanting to go to the forgotten coast (thanks to cookie magazine) to forget all the things that weigh me down and just live among the forest, the cottages and of course, the sea
  7. the darling frocks at violet folklore's haunted threads shop and the jewelry of genevieve gail as well
  8. as always, new etsy favorites and wonderful blog entries by others to peruse. there is just so much beauty and creativity out there, i love finding it and sharing it with my friends...

today is today. dealing with some stronger emotions deep inside. it's been a tough week for the girl and i and i am just hoping that God gives us strength. i knew he will but sometimes you just feel a bit worn. that is how it is today.
it's also hard, knowing that i have to find a part time job and after all this absence from the work force, i just want to be involved in something i am really going to enjoy. it's a bit disheartening to look online and just see the same old boring jobs available. i want something interesting, something different. we will see i suppose. you need to do what you need to do, right?
i need to draw, put my mind to it's creative use i suppose. i want to add new things to the shop but am hoping to sell what's there already.
speaking of shops, has any heard of art fire? it's like etsy, another place to buy and sell handmade but with no fees. also, another neat thing is that art fire works with trees for the future and for every new member they plant a tree on their behalf. i have set up a profile but have not added to it just yet. if you would like to become a member, i personally invite you myself.

well, i am off to continuing listening to radio stations via my and to tidy up a bit. wishing you all wonderful thoughts and sunshine this friday to you all....♥

message in a bottle
(this lovely photo by minature rhino)


Mathyld / encore petite said...

Oh ... My lovely ...
I do hope -and know- that things will soon get brighter for you two.

It is the exact same thing, here ...
Boring boring jobs everywhere ...

Art Fire sounds astonishing, though ! I'd love to give it a try !
x x x

Heather said...

sorry to hear you've had a tough week. Its been rocky for us too, lots of being sick sick sick. Hope you do find a job that you love...I worked part time in a garden center for many years...loved it so much. So many opportunities to be creative...I hope you find something that lets you shine!

ada and the fox said...

i know things will begin to look up. so far this monday morning has gone really well. as for the job, i'll keep looking (and heather, working in a grden center sounds fun too) :)

littlebyrd said...

I hope things are looking up for you this week! I'm thinking about you and wishing so. Is there an art museum close by that you could apply to? Also, I heard of another online etsy shop type thing called supermarket. I haven't checked it out yet though.
BTW: loved mothology! What an incredible shop.