23 February 2009

letters and a package

this weekend i received my wax, seal and dipping pen from nostalgic impressions. i sealed my first letter to my dear friend yvette and gave it to her on sunday.
today i went to get the mail and i had received the sweetest card from my friend mathyld (thank you so very much, you are such a sweetheart!) and my trade from jennifer of louveciennes. she gave me a delightful little owl lumpy named willow. she is a dear and is completely made of recycled materials. natalie took to her right away and has been 'taking care' of her because willow is a 'baby'. she also included a very pretty crocheted bracelet i am completely loving it!

as for my darling bubelah, today was a much better day, thank God. she was having anxiety about it all weekend but we kept talking to her and sharing with her things to help her. we prayed for her and also shared with her a verse, isaiah 41: 10 "fear not, for i am with you; be not dismayed, for i am your god, will strengthen you, yes, i wll help you, i will uphold you with my righteous right hand." hopefully the rest of the week goes just as well.
thank you, all of you, for your comforting comments about my rough time last week. it means so much that others care about what goes on with our lives. thank you thank you again, all, so very dearly ♥

p.s. i've been updating the secret cabinet often, so visit if you would like to peruse other thoughts, music and beautiful imagery...


Mathyld / encore petite said...

Honey-Bunny !

So nice reading from you :)

And I'm glad you received the card.
However, I can't believe you received this one but not the one I sent it 10 days BEFORE (one including a lil' surprise ...) I so hope you'll receive it sometime soon ...

Lots of love from Paris,
x x x

Jennifer said...

i'm glad you got the parcel ok and enjoy it :)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

How delightful! I miss handwritten letters. Unfortunately, my handwriting is appalling (thanks to doing time as a newsroom reporter). If I had pretty writing like my French relatives I would write more.

pomegranates said...

the wanderer's daughter -- don't let that discourage you! you should try again, it is always so sweet to receive a little note in the mail. especially nowadays with emails and internet conversations and who wants to get just bills and junk in the mail all the time anyway :)